About Us

Thank you visiting Celtic Coin Craft - the Home of Irish Coin Rings.

I first saw a photo of a coin ring online several years ago. I was fascinated by the ring and at first, I couldn’t figure out how it had been made. After extensive research I learned how these coin rings were crafted and I got some basic tools so that I could try to make one for myself. I really enjoyed the process of making the ring and spent hours in my shed making dozens more rings using a rawhide hammer and ring mandrel.

Over the next year, I raided the savings to buy more specialised tools and I honed the craft; tapping away for hours using the hammer and mandrel was replaced by a more controlled process resulting in even better rings. After showing my work to friends and family they convinced me that I should start selling the rings.

In 2016 I set up Celtic Coin Craft with two goals:

1. To make the highest quality coin rings 

2. To provide the best customer service 

I have since sent hundreds of coin rings to new owners all over the world. I feel very lucky to have been able to turn a crafting hobby I feel passionate about, into a business.  

If you have any questions about coin rings or would like a ring made from a particular coin, please get in touch.